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First rental in Australia is huge success

Posted on by Helen Bailey

We’ve received some wonderful feedback from the first family to rent Just Checking in Australia. Sandra said of the system:

“’The Just Checking system has been so useful in the case of my in laws, I have been able to see that it is actually my mother in law who is getting up in the night, not my father in law annoying her as she reports every day. One time JC was very useful was when we went away on holiday- I was looking on my smart phone and could see that they had not been into the kitchen, so I called and told them I had left lunch on the bench in the kitchen and could then watch to see them go in to get it.  Such a relief to know what is going on even when we are not there. We have also been able to see that most nights my mother in law gets up and spends a long time in the toilet,  we have chosen to up her Movical as we know she has a long standing problem with constipation.

“It has been great to have the 30 day free trial but we want to keep it. We’re so pleased that it is helping them both stay at home.”

Seeing the benefits to the family and the system’s capacity to help the couple remain at home, the care provider decided to fund the ongoing rental of the system as part of the care package.


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